Performance enhancement of BLDC motor using PID controller

S. Usha, Pranjul Mani Dubey, R. Ramya, M. V. Suganyadevi


Mainly the DC motors are employed in most of the application. The main objective is to Regulate the DC motor system. A motor which displays the appearances of a DC motor but there is no commutator and brushes is called as brushless DC motor. These motors are widespread to their compensations than other motors in relationships of dependability, sound, efficiency, preliminary torque and longevity. To achieve the operation more reliable and less noisy, brushless dc motors are employed. In the proposed work, dissimilar methods of speed control are analysed. In real time submission of speed control of BLDC motor, numerous strategies are executed for the speed control singularity. The modified approaches are the employment of PI controller, use of PID controller and proposed current controller.


BLDC motor; PI-controller; PID- controller; Firing signal generator; Frequency analysis; Speed control

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