A novel online monitoring system of frequency oscillations based intelligence phasor measurement units

Husham I. Hussein, Ali Najim Abdullah, Assama Sahib Jafar Jafar


In this paper, frequency oscillation has been present as it is an important issue in power systems, especially when it is joined to the new trend to use alternative energies as an energy source, as well as to be a big risk for the inter-connection of the modern electric power networks. Wind farm acts as alternative energy and connected to two buses on the Iraqi power system. Because the low-frequency oscillation monitoring needs be accurate and fast, the main objective is to propose a novel online monitoring system consisting of phasor measurement unit's (PMU) with artificial intelligence neural network (PMU-NN). The location of the phasor measurement units has been optimized using (graph-theoretic procedure algorithm) and the function for the artificial intelligence (NN) is radial basis function (RBFNN). The data information from phasor measurement units is the inputs to the artificial intelligence system then predictions are made Information on low-frequency oscillation (target). The MATLAB toolboxes (PSAT & NN) used to obtain results. Finally, from the results, the validity of the proposed (PMU-NN) system has been proven and tested on the Iraqi power grid (24 bus) in several cases and several places on the network and the comparison was made with the analysis model.


Artificial intelligence; Integrated system; Monitoring system; Neural network NN; Phasor measurement unit's

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijpeds.v14.i3.pp1589-1596


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