Shunt Active Power Filter System Design for Inter-harmonic

Zhang Chao, Ren Zi-Hui, Zhang Yi-Jun, Ma Xiao-Ping


Given the complex situations of the grid with inter-harmonics, three-level model of shunt active power filter (SAPF) was built. For the harmonics accurate detection, the CPT principle was used to detect the fundamental component of the grid. The inter-harmonics, parameter fluctuation of APF and the deadband effect were considered as the non-periodic disturbance to the controller. To eliminate the non-periodic disturbance impact on the controller and to improve the control system performance, equivalent input-disturbance (EID) was used based on the traditional repetitive controller. With Matlab and three-level test platform, the SAPF control system was built. The performance of detection and compensation for harmonic and inter-harmonic was verified by the simulation and experiment.


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