Asymmetrical Cascaded Multi Level Inverter Using Control Freedom Pulse Width Modulation Techniques

Periyaazhagar D, Irusapparajan G


In this paer, the suggested topologies are gained by cascading a full bridge inverter with dissimilar DC sources. This topology has a several new patterns adopting the fixed switching frequency, multicarrier control freedom degree with mixture conceptions are established and simulated for the preferred three-phase cascaded multilevel inverter. In outstanding switching arrangement terminations, there are convinced degrees of freedom to produce the nine level AC output voltages with terminated switching positions for producing altered output voltages. These investigations focus on asymmetrical cascaded multilevel inverter engaging with carrier overlapping pulse width modulation (PWM) topologies. These topologies offer less amount of harmonics present in the output voltage and superior root mean square (RMS) values of the output voltages associated with the traditional sinusoidal pulse width modulation. This research studies carries with it MATLAB/SIMULINK based simulation and experimental results obtained using appropriated prototype to prove the validity of the proposed concept.

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