An Evaluation of Linear Time Frequency Distribution Analysis for VSI Switch Faults Identification

M.F. Habban, M. Manap, A.R. Abdullah, M.H. Jopri, T. Sutikno


This paper present an evaluation of linear time frequency distribution analysis for voltage source inverter system (VSI). Power electronic now are highly demand in industrial such as manufacturing, industrial process and semiconductor because of the reliability and sustainability. However, the phenomenon that happened in switch fault has become a critical issue in the development of advanced. This causes problems that occur study on fault switch at voltage source inverter (VSI) must be identified more closely so that problems like this can be prevented. The TFD which is STFT  and S-transform method are analyzed the switch fault of VSI.  To identify the VSI switches fault, the parameter of fault signal such as instantaneous of average current, RMS current, RMS fundamental current, total waveform distortion, total harmonic distortion and total non-harmonic distortion can be estimated from TFD. The analysis information are useful especially for industrial application in the process for identify the switch fault detection. Then the accuracy of both method, which mean STFT and S-transform are identified by the lowest value of mean absolute percentage error (MAPE). In addition, the S-transform gives a better accuracy compare with STFT and it can be implement for fault detection system.

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