The Linear Model of a PV moduel

Mohamed Abd-El-Hakeem Mohamed


This paper propose a new approach to determine a linear  mathematical model of a PV moduel based on an accurate nonlinear model  . In this study, electrical parameters at only one operating condition are  calculated based on  an accurate model. Then, first-order Taylor series approximations apply on the nonlinear model to estimate the proposed model at any operating conditionts. The proposed method determines the number of iteration times. This decreases calculation time and the speed of numerical convergence will be increased. And, it is observed that owing to this method, the system converged and the problem of failing to solve the system because of inappropriate initial values is eliminated. The proposed model is requested in order to allow photovoltaic plants simulations using low-cost computer platforms. The effectiveness of the proposed model is demonstrated for different temperature and irradiance values through conducting a comparison between result of the proposed model and experimental results obtained from the module data-sheet information.

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