A Novel Approach in Scheduling Of the Real- Time Tasks In Heterogeneous Multicore Processor with Fuzzy Logic Technique For Micro-grid Power Management

Lavanya Dhanesh, P. Murugesan


Scheduling of tasks based on real time requirement is a major issue in the heterogeneous multicore systemsfor micro-grid power management . Heterogeneous multicore processor schedules the serial tasks in the high performance core and parallel tasks are executed on the low performance cores. The aim of this paper is to implement a scheduling algorithm based on fuzzy logic for heterogeneous multicore processor for effective micro-grid application. Real – time tasks generally have different execution time and dead line. The main idea is to use two fuzzy logic based scheduling algorithm, first is to assign priority based on execution time and deadline of the task. Second , the task which has assigned higher priority get allotted for execution in high performance core and remaining tasks which are assigned low priority get allotted in low performance cores. The main objective of this scheduling algorithm is to increase the throughput and to improve CPU utilization there by reducing the overall power consumption of the micro-grid power management systems. Test cases with different task execution time and deadline were generated to evaluate the algorithms using  MATLAB software.

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijpeds.v9.i1.pp80-88


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