Experimental dSPACE Analysis for Self-excited Induction Generator Used in Voltage Control

Rachid El Akhrif, Ahmed Abbou, Mohamed Barara, Mohamed Akherraz, Youssef Majdoub


In this paper, a new approach is proposed for keeping the RMS voltage output constant, the system is supplying by a self-excited induction generator (SEIG) driven by a controlled DC motor with variable speed and load. The scheme used in this paper is based on a classical Proportional-Integral regulator wich controls a SPWM switching. A MATLAB Simulink model of the system is developed to maintain the AC voltage at the desired value. Then a comparison is examined between simulation and experimental results using dSPACE board. The results are provided to verify the effectiveness of this approach and it gives very high performance.

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijpeds.v8.i3.pp1368-1380


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