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Vol 11, No 2: June 2020 Comparative performance analysis of bridgeless boost and bridgeless buck converter for UPS application Abstract   PDF
Khairul Safuan Muhammad, Rahimi Baharom, Siti Zaliha M. N, Wan Noraishah Wan Abdul Munim
Vol 11, No 3: September 2020 Comparative performance of a solar assisted heat pump dryer with a heat pump dryer for Curcuma Abstract   PDF
R. Hasibuan, M Yahya, H. Fahmi, Edison Edison
Vol 7, No 4: December 2016 Comparative Performance Study for Closed Loop Operation of an Adjustable Speed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive with Different Controllers Abstract   PDF
Chiranjit Sain, Atanu Banerjee, Pabitra Kumar Biswas
Vol 7, No 1: March 2016 Comparative Steady State Analysis of Boost and Cascaded Boost Converter with Inductive ESR losses & Capacitor Current Behaviour Abstract   PDF
Tanmoy Roy Choudhury, Byamakesh Nayak
Vol 10, No 3: September 2019 Comparative study between the NLPI controller and the CPI controller Abstract   PDF
Mohammed Touhami, Pierre Sicard, Abdeljebar Hazzab, Fouad Mokhtari
Vol 9, No 4: December 2018 Comparative Study of Controllers for an Isolated Full Bridge Boost Converter Topology in Fuel Cell Applications Abstract   PDF
S. Vijaya Madhavi, G. Tulasi Ram Das
Vol 8, No 2: June 2017 Comparative Study of Five-Level and Seven-Level Inverter Controlled by Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation Abstract   PDF
Abdelmalik Bendaikha, Salah Saad
Vol 4, No 1: March 2014 Comparative Study of Fuzzy Logic Based Speed Control of Multilevel Inverter fed Brushless DC Motor Drive Abstract   PDF
Pritha Agrawal, Satya Prakash Dubey, Satyadharma Bharti
Vol 11, No 1: March 2020 Comparative study of metaheuristics methods applied to smart grid network in Morocco Abstract   PDF
Rachid Habachi, Achraf Touil, Abdellah Boulal, Abdelkabir Charkaoui, Abdelwahed Echchatbi
Vol 11, No 1: March 2020 Comparative study of new MPPT control approaches for a photovoltaic system Abstract   PDF
Ahmed Haddou, Nour-Eddine Tariba, Naima Ikken, Abdelhadi Bouknadel, Hafsa EL Omari, Hamid El Omari
Vol 8, No 4: December 2017 Comparative Study of Three Different Topologies of Five-Level Inverter with SPWM Modulation Technique Abstract   PDF
Nabil Farah, Jurifa Bt. Mat Lazi, MHN Talib
Vol 7, No 2: June 2016 Comparative Study of Three Phase Grid Connected Photovoltaic Inverter Using PI and Fuzzy Logic Controller with Switching Losses Calculation Abstract   PDF
M. Venkatesan, R. Rajeshwari, N. Deverajan, M. Kaliyamoorthy
Vol 11, No 1: March 2020 Comparative study of two control strategies proportional integral and fuzzy logic for the control of a doubly fed induction generator dedicated to a wind application Abstract   PDF
Chebel Ahlem, Benretem A, Dobrev I, Barkati Barkati
Vol 10, No 3: September 2019 Comparative study of two potential recuperating converters in DC railway electrification system for harmonic mitigation Abstract   PDF
Z. H. Choi, C. L. Toh, M. H. Z. Hilmi
Vol 7, No 4: December 2016 Comparative Study of Various Adjustable Speed Drives During Voltage Sag Abstract   PDF
Renukadevi S, Rathinakumar M
Vol 5, No 2: 2014 Comparison Analysis of Indirect FOC Induction Motor Drive using PI, Anti-Windup and Pre Filter Schemes Abstract   PDF
Md Hairul Nizam Talib, Zulkifilie Ibrahim, Nasrudin Abd. Rahim, Ahmad Shukri Abu Hasim
Vol 12, No 1: March 2021 Comparison and assessment of a different steel materials based on core losses reduction for three-phase induction motor Abstract   PDF
Yaser Atta Yassin, Ali Nasser Hussain, Nagham Yassin Ahmed
Vol 6, No 3: September 2015 Comparison between an Interleaved Boost Converter and CUK Converter Fed BLDC Motor Abstract   PDF
V. Ramesh, Y. Kusuma Latha
Vol 12, No 2: June 2021 Comparison between butterfly optimization algorithm and particle swarm optimization for tuning cascade PID control system of PMDC motor Abstract   PDF
Kareem G. Abdulhussein, Naseer M. Yasin, Ihsan J. Hasan
Vol 12, No 2: June 2021 Comparison between classical ‘P&O’ algorithm and FLC of MPPT for GPV under partial shading Abstract   PDF
Youcef Abdelaziz, Bouanane Abdelkrim, Merah Abdelkader
Vol 9, No 3: September 2018 Comparison between Fuzzy Logic and PI Control for The Speed Of BLDC Motor Abstract   PDF
Akram H. Ahmed, Abd El Samie B. Kotb, Ayman M. Ali
Vol 9, No 3: September 2018 Comparison between PI and PR Current Controllers of a Grid- Connected Photovoltaic System Under Load Variation Abstract   PDF
Soukaina Essaghir, Mohamed Benchagra, Noureddine El barbri
Vol 11, No 2: June 2020 Comparison between proposed fuzzy logic and ANFIS for MPPT control for photovoltaic system Abstract   PDF
Lotfi Farah, Adel Haddouche, Ali Haddouche
Vol 11, No 2: June 2020 Comparison between single-diode and two diodes models of a grid connected PV technologies: numerical study and experimental validation Abstract   PDF
L. Bouhaki, R. Saadani, M. Rahmoune
Vol 8, No 1: March 2017 Comparison Of Cascaded H-bridge Inverters for Harmonic Mitigation Considering Various Loads Abstract   PDF
Suresh Natarajan, R. Samuel Rajesh
Vol 9, No 2: June 2018 Comparison of Different Control Techniques for Interleaved DC-DC Converter Abstract   PDF
M. Kavitha, V. Sivachidambaranathan
Vol 10, No 3: September 2019 Comparison of different magnet arrangement on performance of flux reversal permanent magnet (FRPM) machine Abstract   PDF
M. H. Remlan, R. Aziz, S Salimin
Vol 12, No 3: September 2021 Comparison of electronic load using linear regulator and boost converter Abstract   PDF
Razman Ayop, Shahrin Md Ayob, Chee Wei Tan, Tole Sutikno, Mohd Junaidi Abdul Aziz
Vol 6, No 1: March 2015 Comparison of Estimated Torques Using Low Pass Filter and Extended Kalman Filter for Induction Motor Drives Abstract   PDF
Ibrahim Mohd Alsofyani, Nik Rumzi Nik Idris, Yahya A. Alamri, Tole Sutikno, Aree Wangsupphaphol, Norjulia M. Nordin
Vol 8, No 2: June 2017 Comparison of Multicarrier PWM Techniques for Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter Abstract   PDF
Hashim Hasabelrasul, Xiangwu Yan
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