Performance evaluation of a hybrid fuzzy logic controller based on genetic algorithm for three phase induction motor drive

Ahmed Jadaan Ali, Ziyad Farej, Nashwan Sultan


It is known that controlling the speed of a three phase Induction Motor (IM) under different operating conditions is an important task and this can be accomplished through the process of controlling the applied voltage on its stator circuit. Conventional Proportional- Integral- Differeantional (PID) controller takes long time in selecting the error signal gain values. In this paper a hybrid Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) with Genetic Algorithm (GA) is proposed to reduce the selected time for the optimized error signal gain values and as a result inhances the controller and system performance. The proposed controller FL with GA is designed, modeled and simulated using MATLAB/ software under different load torque motor operating condition. The simulation result shows that the closed loop system performance efficiency under the controller has a maximum value of 95.92%. In terms of efficiency and at reference speed signal of 146.53 rad/sec, this system performance shows an inhancement of 0.67%,0.49% and 0.05% with respect to the closed loop system efficiency performance of the PID, FL, and PID with GA controllers respectively. Also the simulation result of the well designed and efficient GA in speeding up the process of selecting the gain values, makes the system to have an efficiency improvement of 14.42% with respect to the open loop system performance.

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