Vol 12, No 1

March 2021

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijpeds.v12.i1

List of Accepted Papers (with minor revisions)
Each paper requires minor changes for it to be accepted. Editors will go through the revisions and gives a final approval. However, it is good to remember that "this status decision" does not guarantee acceptance. The paper will be accepted only if the editors are satisfied with the changes made.  

Table of Contents

Total views : 118 times
zineb lahlou, Abderrahim EL-Amrani, Ismail BOUMHIDI
Total views : 62 times
Ali Nasser Hussain
Total views : 48 times
SAHRI Khaldoune, kHELOUI A/aziz, BAGHLI Lotfi
Total views : 50 times
Mohamed NEKKAZ, Abdelkader DJAHBAR, Rachid TALEB
Total views : 49 times
Phuong Nam Dao, Xuan Tinh Tran, Tuan Thanh Pham, Sy Luat Dao, Hong Quang Nguyen
Total views : 40 times
J Venkata Ramesh Babu, Malligunta Kiran Kumar
Total views : 27 times
Phuong Nam Dao, Hong Quang Nguyen, Nhat Tung Nguyen
Total views : 119 times
Diep-Dung Nguyen, Ngoc-Hoan Than, Duc-Tuan Hoang
Total views : 44 times
Ramya Devasahayam, Godwin Immanuel
Total views : 130 times
Christophe Raoul Fotso Mbobda, Alain Moise Dikandé
Total views : 39 times
Rahmouni Abdelkader
Total views : 62 times
Muhammad Tayyab Yaqoob, Mohd Khairil Rahmat
Total views : 17 times
Houaria Abdelli, Abdelkader Mezouar, Mokhtar Bendjebbar, Kheira Belgacem
Total views : 145 times
Issa Etier, Salem Nijmeh, Mohammed Shdiefat, Omar Al-Obaidy
Total views : 140 times
Total views : 29 times
Saja Mazin Sami, Anas Lateef Mahmood
Total views : 36 times
Tebbakh Noureddine, Labed Djamel
Total views : 34 times
SALMA ZOUGA, Mohamed Benchagra, Abdallah Ailane
Total views : 13 times
Nada Zine Laabidine, Afrae Errarhout, Chakib El Bakkali, Karim Mohammed, Badre Bossoufi
Total views : 212 times
salam Waley Shneen, Fatin Nabeel Abdullah, Dina Harith Shaker
Total views : 327 times
Total views : 154 times